Sometimes it can get a little confusing deciding when it comes to Hemp Seeds. What is Hemp Seed Grain, what is Hemp Seeds, what are Hemp Hearts and what are hulled Hemp Seeds?

Hemp Seed Grain

Hemp Seeds are generally considered to be the whole hemp seed, including the tough outer shell. The seed is in its whole form, in its natural state from the farm. This is often sold to food manufacturers or processors to make other Hemp Seed products like oil, flour or protein.

Hemp Seed Grain

Hemp Seeds, Hemp Hearts or Hemp Seed Hulled

Hemp Seeds is probably one of the most confusing terms out there. This is because some consumers think that these are the little white seeds you buy off the shelf and whereas some people still think this is the whole seed.

You can see why it might be difficult, a quick google search for Hemp Seed, shows multiple different products showing up. For clarification, Hemp Seed Hulled (or sometimes Hulled Hemp Seed) and Hemp Hearts are always the same product. This product is when the Hemp Seed Grain (a terminology used in Canada, who has the most established Hemp Market in the world) has had the crunchy outer shell removed.

Most of the time, when buying Hemp Seeds, these too are the tiny white seeds that comes from the inside of a whole hemp seed. This is because in most countries a special licence must be obtained from the government to grow or trade whole hemp seeds.

Regardless of what people classify Hemp Seeds as, what’s important is what you are buying. If you are unclear, you could also ask the retailer or brand to clarify, or simply check for images on the packet or the products website.

Hemp Seed, Hemp Seed Hulled or Hemp Hearts