Moving right along … so let’s introduce our new hemisphere™ Hemp Seed Hulled. We make this by mechanically removing the hull, the outer protective shell, from the whole seed of the Cannabis Sativa Hemp plant. Sometimes this seed is called hemp seed ‘hearts’ to describe what is left after the seed is hulled. Hulled hemp seed is naturally gluten free and mainly allergy-friendly. Those with nut or egg allergies however should be careful when introducing
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Hemp Seed Oil Extraction To extract Hemp Protein from whole Hemp Seeds, first the oil content needs to be removed. This is done in a dedicated oil extraction facility (which we have). Because Hemp is a tough seed, and you do not want to damage the oil or resultant protein, you must do this very slowly. This is called Cold Pressing. The hemp seed oil remains below 40 Deg Celsius during pressing.   Milling Once
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Sometimes it can get a little confusing deciding when it comes to Hemp Seeds. What is Hemp Seed Grain, what is Hemp Seeds, what are Hemp Hearts and what are hulled Hemp Seeds? Hemp Seed Grain Hemp Seeds are generally considered to be the whole hemp seed, including the tough outer shell. The seed is in its whole form, in its natural state from the farm. This is often sold to food manufacturers or processors
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We begin our journey of foods made from hemp seed with new hemisphere™ Hemp Seed Oil …   A bit about our oil Our oil is 100% pure, chemical residue-free, and produced in a GE/GMO free production process. It is made from oil extracted locally from the cold pressed high quality seed of the Cannabis Sativa hemp plant. If you have been reading the blogs in this series, you will know that just because our
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The buzz word out there in the foodie world right now is Hemp Seed … everyone is talking about hemp seed being made into foods and what you can do with it. Here at new hemisphere™ we make Hemp Seed Hulled, Hemp Protein, Hemp Seed Flour, and one that has been around longer than the others, Hemp Seed Oil. So what are these foods, why now, and why should we eat them? All of these
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What is endometriosis? Endometriosis is an inflammatory disease whereby tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus. Chronic pelvic pain is the main symptom of endometriosis. Other symptoms include: painful sex, infertility, bowel and bladder problems, tiredness and fatigue, and pain in other locations, for example: the lower back.   What causes endometriosis? The cause of endometriosis is currently unknown and as such effective treatments are lacking. It appears therefore
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There are things you can do too to keep your Heart healthy and happy. WAYS TO KEEP YOUR HEART HEALTHY Regular physical activity and do something you love because then you are more likely to stick with it Don’t smoke and if you do, work out a strategy to quit gaining support of a medical professional and loved ones to help you kick the habit Diet yes diet – how can this not have an
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